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Mattice & Associates provides management consulting support and services through seasoned former senior corporate executives who understand the unique risks and complexity that businesses face in today’s inter-connected global economy. There is a key differentiating factor which exists between Mattice & Associates and the Big Four accounting firms/other large consulting entities. That key factor is experience that can only be gained through holding senior executive positions in diverse global industries and being accountable for the consequences of the strategies and tactics we implemented and deployed. Unlike the large consulting firms, Mattice & Associates does not subject clients to newly minted MBA’s or senior partners who are long on theory and void of real-life business experience.


Our Approach

Having walked a mile in our client’s shoes, we have well honed perspective which allow us to rapidly identify the unique attributes of corporate cultures and the challenges that are inherent when operating in highly developed or emerging markets around the world. Mattice & Associates provides guidance and advice to our clients on what will work in their diverse business environment. We design effective and efficient solutions which are tailored to blend with the unique nature of the clients’ corporate culture and operations.


Why Us?

Mattice & Associates has over 35 years’ experience in designing, implementing and managing the kinds of programs critical to success in today’s high risk business environment. We can assist you by conducting a comprehensive review of your existing operations and recommend value added enhancements. If you do not currently have solid programs in place, we can rapidly develop and implement structured programs that are customized to your environment and corporate culture. We can also provide support on the day-to-day management of these programs once they are up and operational. Additionally, Mattice & Associates is a trusted advisor to the C-Suite and Boards of Directors. We also provide coaching and mentoring support as well as Strategic Advisor Services to emerging technology enterprises.

Some of The Areas in Which We Can Help

Mattice & Associates specializes in program development and implementation guidance for companies that do not have existing programs and efficiency & effectiveness reviews for companies that have current programs in the following key areas of focus:

  •  Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) 
  •  Risk Profile Development (at the Enterprise and/or Business Unit Level)
  •  Business Risk Intelligence (Strategic, Tactical & Operational)
  •  Information Asset Protection (Logical and Physical)
  •  Information Handling, Marking and Safeguarding Standards 
  •  Intellectual Property Safeguards 
  •  Intellectual Property Pipeline & Crown Jewel Assessments
  •  Cyber-Security Program 
  •  Insider Threat Prevention & Response Program 
  •  Brand Protection, Anti-Counterfeiting & Anti-Piracy 
  •  Governance, Ethics & Compliance 
  •  Organizational Effectiveness & Efficiency Reviews
  •  Policy, Procedure & Process Maturity Model Reviews
  •  Business Alignment Reviews
  •  Strategy Development & Strategy Alignment 
  •  Business Continuity/Crisis Management/Resiliency Program
  •  Education/Awareness Program 
  •  Strategic Advisor Services
  •  Coaching  & Mentoring

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